“Eat Drink and then be Sober” DIY Water Bottle Labels

Awhile back, I hosted a Cocktails & Canapés Party, and many of the guests were wondering whether I bought water bottles with my custom “Eat, Drink and then be Sober” labels.  Water bottle labels are such an easy way to personalize an event, add to the decor, and show your guests you appreciate them!  I designed these labels as a play on the popular “Eat, Drink, and be Merry” phrase, and you can download it free here!  Enjoy :)

Materials: Water bottles, plain or adhesive paper, straight edge and blade or a paper cutter, double stick tape.

1.  Print out the pdf on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.  If you are confident about sticking the label on straight the first time, print on adhesive paper.

2.  Cut out each of the labels using a straight edge.

3. Remove the existing labels from the water bottles.

4. Wrap the new label tightly around the bottle, covering up any residue from the previous label.  Secure the label tightly with a piece of double stick tape.


3 thoughts on ““Eat Drink and then be Sober” DIY Water Bottle Labels

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  2. I just found your blog via the chevron pumpkins and pinterest and then somehow ended up on this page. I loved it! Love the label, i think it’s the best play on that phrase I’ve seen.

    • Ooo yay! Hehe I thought it was a fun play on words to the popular phrase we’re all used to! Thanks for finding my page – I love hearing from new readers :)

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