Here’s to you, mom :)

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When Mother’s Day rolled up when I was younger, I used to scour the deepest and darkest (but never dustiest as my mom is famously impeccably clean) corners of my mom’s closet for anything that I haven’t seen her wear or something that looked old enough to be forgotten.  I would repurpose these finds and gift wrap them neatly into ‘new’ Mother’s Day presents.  My mom always recognized the gifts from her closet but was always so touched by our effort (even though it meant a mess was waiting for her in her closet).  In hindsight, her oldest and most expensive-looking items were probably dead giveaways for things we couldn’t afford or even buy anymore, but no matter what we gave her, she was always filled with lots of smiles and hugs for us.

I hope all of you mothers (and my friends who are mothers to be!) had a great weekend filled with so many smiles and hugs that nothing would make you happier than what you already have.


5 thoughts on “Here’s to you, mom :)

  1. That’s so sweet. I remember making my mom a special spice mix in a jar, made from all of the spices in the pantry.. bless her hart for even trying it Lol!

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