Happy White Day: The Day of Triple Returns

– Chocolate from Jean Paul Hevin –

It’s White Day in Japan!  White Day is women payback for Valentine’s Day in Japan.  Since women slaved over the stove making homemade chocolates for the important men (partners, friends, coworkers) in their lives for Valentine’s Day, the favor is returned today.  On White Day, men give (store-bought.. of course) desserts or gifts to all of the women who gave them something on V-Day.  Yesterday and today, men lined up outside dessert shops to buy sweets for their sweeties!

– A VERY Chocolate-y Hot Chocolate from Jean Paul Hevin –

White Day still isn’t as commercialized or as celebrated as Valentine’s Day in the States – restaurants, movie theaters, and romantic spots won’t be filled with loving couples today.  But like all smart women, we’ve found our way to capitalize on this holiday with a little rule called sanbai gaeshi, which translates to ‘triple return’!  Although it’s not set in stone, this tradition urges men to give a gift on White Day that’s triple the cost of the gift received on Valentine’s Day.  Let’s see if my husband brings anything home!  If not, I have my bases covered – I picked up 2 cakes today! :)


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