Domino’s Pizza Japan: and I thought anchovies were pushing it

One of the most interesting pieces of junk mail I’ve received since moving to Japan is my Domino’s Pizza delivery menu (ok that’s a little sad).  They have some of the most interesting combinations I’ve never thought to put on a pizza.  We’re talking broccoli, squid, bolognese, kalbi, roasted chicken, and lasagna.  Here’s a few examples & notice the topping designs – they actually come like that.

– BBQ Chicken with Garlic and Corn –

– Spicy Korean Kalbi Pizza –

One of the things I’ve come to learn is that Japanese people love their mayo (it has to be Japanese mayo though.. not Kraft or Hellmann’s).  Coming from the south, I thought I’ve seen every mayo dish out there.  I underestimated the Japanese palate.

– The Giant Quattro Pizza –

And then they have this thing called the “mille-feuille” pizza.  Now this might just be a miraculous invention.  Just like a mille-feuille cake, layers upon layers of pizza dough are filled with cheese throughout the entire pizza.  SO much better than that plain old stuffed crust.   Plus, when the Japanese people do a “cheese” pizza, these things are smothered in cheese.  No holds barred.

– Shrimp “Suffocating in Cheese” Pizza –

They have the staples too like pepperoni, margarita, Hawaiian, etc.  But with a menu like this, how can you NOT try something new?  Quadruple bypass here I come.


2 thoughts on “Domino’s Pizza Japan: and I thought anchovies were pushing it

  1. The quattro pizza looks interesting..shame about the shrimp under the cheese it looks sooo nice but I couldn’t bear to eat the cute shrimp.


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