Thousand Year Old Tofu

On the way back home from hitting the slopes two weeks ago, we spotted this small and very rural store with a sign for “Thousand Year Old Tofu.”  After driving past it by a few hundred meters, we put our car in reverse (literally) and went to check it out.  We were greeted by a cute and friendly old family who have devoted their lives to making tofu, the authentic and traditional way.

Despite being freezing cold outside, they wore their thick winter coats and kept preparing tofu!  Rather than storing the tofu in the fridge, they just sat it outside on wooden mats lined with green mesh to allow any liquid to drain.  Despite the name that attracted us, the tofu is not a thousand years old.  Their store was named after the wife’s first name.  They sell 3 types of tofu: frozen, freshly packaged, and fried.  We left with two packs of tofu which we snacked on for dinner and breakfast!


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