How to Order Glossybox Japan (English Translation)

For the expats out there who want to order a Glossybox Japan subscription, here is an English translation of the ordering process.  I believe subscriptions are sold out now, but this might be handy to have on hand when more subscriptions are released.  The information you enter into the site should be in Japanese.  If you have problems with this, they have English speaking customer service reps.  Click on each screenshot to view it in full size if the text is too small.  On each page, the actionable items are highlighted in hot pink.  Happy ordering!

Step 1: Click on “Order” from the top menu.  The page below is a tad different from what you’ll see when subs are available.  Click the buy button.

Step 2: Shopping Cart – Check the order total and click “Confirm.”

Step 3: Sign up for a new account or log in.

Step 4: Shopping Cart – Once you’re logged in, click “confirm” once more.

Step 5: Enter your billing address.  After entering your zip code, click on the “Find Address” button to make this process easier.  If your billing and shipping info are different, click on the corresponding button.  After you click “next”, repeat this process with your shipping address.

Step 6: There is only one option for shipping – free.  Click next.

Step 7: Select your billing method – credit card or COD

Step 8: Confirm your order, agree to the terms, and enter your credit card info.

Then just wait for your Glossybox to arrive!

Disclaimer: I am not employed by Glossybox and posted these instructions only for the benefit of expats living in Japan.  Please use at your own discretion and with your best judgement.  If you have questions, leave a comment!


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