New Love: Zuhair Murad

I have the worst memory so I can’t recall if I’ve come across Zuhair Murad’s work before, but I’m in love.  Such great structure and angles with just the right amount of edge and femininity.  The only thing better than the rush of discovering a “new” designer (only new to me..) is finding out that you can pull off their clothes.  I’m off to Cord Three Co. in Shibuya tomorrow in search for that rush.  Wish me luck!  And if it doesn’t work out, by next runway season, my bad memory won’t disappoint, and I’ll rediscover and fall in love all over again.

– For my love of all things wedding at the moment.. I wish I could rock this –

– From Spring Summer 2012 –

– From Cruise 2012 –


4 thoughts on “New Love: Zuhair Murad

  1. I’ve been stalking your blog for a while… I’m Zhing’s friend from high school and I also taught in Berlitz Tokyo back in 2007-2009! I visited Tokyo last Sept again and stayed with D&Z for a week and Zhing mentioned how very glad she is to have met you in Tokyo, and I can see why! :)

    • hi Tricia!! zhing talks about her friends back in singapore all the time – it’s so nice to put a face (and blog) to the names and stories I keep hearing! :) thanks for stopping by my blog – yours is amazing too. you’re such a great photographer! i’ll be stalking yours from now on too!

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