Glossybox Japan: Beauty Samples to Your Door

It’s been a few months since Glossybox arrived in Japan, and I was finally able to get a subscription last night!  I must admit to a little shameless promotion since I’m related to one of the employees, but Glossybox is very well executed for the first beauty box in Japan, which is probably why they’ve received so much press and attention.  Here’s a video from Glossybox India that’s just too cool not to share:

Glossybox is like a monthly magazine subscription, but instead of magazines, you get premium samples of perfume, makeup, skincare, and any other products related to beauty.  It costs 1500 yen including shipping and arrives at the end of every month.  I’m honestly all thumbs when it comes to makeup and beauty, but I’m all about receiving a surprise every month and great packaging!  Plus the sizes are convenient for traveling.

This past week, they were featured in Vogue Japan.  They’ve also gotten some great press from Nylon and Elle!  My friend over at little projects in style featured the January box a few weeks ago (who is just as stylish as the aforementioned publications!).

So far, their website is only in Japanese, but I’ll post an English translation soon so that non-Japanese speakers like me can sign up too!  Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Glossybox Japan: Beauty Samples to Your Door

  1. omg! sooooo cool! :) so cool!

    p.s. the lady in the ad is wearing THE shoes i wanted (but daniel disapproved) wadaya think!!!

    • oh that’s right!!!! those are the shoes! they’re very mode – have you tried them on before? i saw a tv show where victoria beckham was wearing them and the commentator was saying how uncomfortable they were to wear because they don’t have enough support so they really work out your calves! they’re very cool though and if anyone can do it, it’s you!

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