Japan’s Rest Stops: What They All Should Be Like

– Udon held up by ghost chopsticks –

When I was young, my family used to drive cross country from Georgia to Canada.  Being such a long drive, we would often lock our doors and take a nap at a rest stop along the way.  You had to remember never to go to the bathroom the first time, that you’re very lucky if there’s fast food or a convenience store, and not to expect a clean, graffiti-free bathroom.

Now fast forward to Japan – the bathrooms are huge and clean (not even toilet paper on the floor!), there are vending machines galore, food courts, restaurants, dog walks, bakeries, and specialty omiyage!

– Omiyage wrapped in colorful furoshiki –

– Walls of vending machines.  There must have been about 20 of them! –

– Food courts filled with ramen, rice bowls, coffee shops, and more! –

– Have you ever seen an uglier peach? –

– A little house for dogs and their owners to keep warm and wash their dogs’ paws –


3 thoughts on “Japan’s Rest Stops: What They All Should Be Like

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