Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Cookies from Sweetopia

I am loving the projects and video tutorials over at Sweetopia.  She attacks projects that I never even imagined I could do at home.  Look how perfect her cookies are flooded and stenciled!  Even learn how to use edible ink!


If you have a business logo or an event logo that you really like, then put it on your cookie (I didn’t know this was possible..):

Doesn’t it look so professional and fabulous?  Find the logo tutorial here.  For those like me who are beginners to cookie decorating, then she has tutorials for the basics too like how to fill a piping bag, how to get the right icing consistency, and how to store your icing.  Happy Valentine’s Day, all!


5 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • omg!! i’m so humbled that you came to visit my blog! i’m such a HUGE fan!! i feel like i’m meeting a celebrity :) thank you for sharing all of your experiences!

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