Valentine’s Day in Japan


Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently here than it is everywhere else.  No gifts, chocolates, nice dinners, or flowers for Japanese women!  In Japan, women give gifts to men on V-Day.  The gifts are usually something sweet like candy or chocolates, and they are typically homemade!  For the past week, all of the baking shops have been bustling full of women preparing to make their Valentine’s Day gifts.  They’ll beautifully package them individually to give away to all of the guys that they care about including friends, coworkers, and significant others.  I love seeing all of the women toting their bags of treats around the city.  In March, the guys will return the favor on White Day. More to come on that!

P.S. Thanks to all who voted for their favorite dessert!  The winners were the Raspberry Chocolate Mont Blanc and the Strawberry Trifle.  The review will be coming soon!


6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day in Japan

    • Hahahaha It’s so funny how customs are imported into different cultures. Christmas is different here too! They celebrate it kind of like what V-day should be – treating their girls to flowers, chocolates, and nice dinners.

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