Tokyo Winter Bare-Legged Style

Tokyo-ites are masters at laying clothing impeccably and oh so chicly. This comes in handy when the weather turns cold and everyone is wearing… only stockings?  Tokyo-ite women are apparently born with thick winter skin because although it’s 0 degrees outside, I still spot bare-legged or barely-covered legged women.  How do they do it??

These girls aren’t as ‘cold’ as the others I’ve seen on the streets – especially the high school girls in their high skirts and knee-high stockings.  Whatever gene they have, I need it!


4 thoughts on “Tokyo Winter Bare-Legged Style

  1. Agree, I don’t understand how they do it, I look like a walrus when I leave the house with all my layers…Lol!! It drives me crazy to see all the small school kids and how underdressed they are! Several times I’ve taken my kids to the playground and there are mothers there, in full on winter fleece gear and the kids are wearing short shorts and no jackets….

    • I know!!! There’s a park near my house that I pass by all the time, and all of the 5 year old girls are wearing short skirts with knee-high leggings! I don’t understand it either. Maybe that’s how they train them for the later years in school uniforms? haha

  2. I think the mothers dress their daughters in skirts and socks from a young age, then when they go to school they have to wear short skirts, again with socks and no tights, so by the time they’re adults their legs are totally acclimatized to the cold. And, since they are happy to go bare-legged as adults, when they give birth to daughters their immediate reaction is to dress them the same way…

    Seriously, hardly any of a person’s body heat is lost through their legs, so nobody can get ill by going bare-legged. The fact that we mainly cover our legs is a gift to the hosiery industry, nothing more.

    I’m married to a Japanese man and live in Tokyo. When I first came out here, before we met, I dressed like a typical Westerner, excepting of course that pants aren’t allowed in most Japanese workplaces. My husband encouraged me to ditch the hose and tights and I will admit the first couple of months of winter were tough. But now it feels strange to me to have my legs covered up.

    • wow kudos to you! you might be on to something there with the passing on of style from generation to generation. technically i guess that’s why I think the way that I do too! my mom covered her legs up and taught me to do the same thing. not sure if i can join you though – i’m all about conserving as much heat as I can to keep warm :)

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