Cocktails & Canapes Party (Part 2/2)

Yesterday, I featured the desserts and lighter items on the canapé menu this past weekend.  Here’s the rest of the menu!  We had a few more courses that didn’t get photographed (it happens when we’re having fun!) including lamb pops and pork egg rolls.  Luckily, those are two of my favorites so I’ll feature those separately at a later date!

– Open Faced Grilled Cheese with Garden Fresh Tomato Soup –

– Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms –

– Chipotle Chicken Wonton Cups –

– Sausage, Artichoke, and Basil Skewers on Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce –

And some pictures of the canapé buffet table:

And some of the details of the night:

– ‘Eat, Drink, and then be Sober’ Water Bottle Labels –

– For additional seating, we transitioned my bed into lounge seating –

As friends and family keep reminding me, I need to move into full wedding planning mode so although my mind is overflowing with the next party idea, I’ll have to hold off until April.  Or maybe I could just do something casual?!?


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