Gocco: DIY Silk Screened Prints

Apparently, I’m decades late to the game with the Gocco – an amazing Japanese home silk screening printer that has already spread across the world.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across this Etsy video demonstrating the Gocco.  The possibilities you can make with this are endless – paper and cloth napkins, all types of stationary, muslin bags, etc.  I’m just imagining everything that I’ll be able to DIY for my wedding (my welcome bags, favor bags, cocktail napkins, personalized fabric dinner napkins, ceremony programs, itineraries, and much more).  This is blowing my mind.

– Here’s a photo tutorial (here) –


And here are some wonderful projects ideas… on paper, muslin, and tote bags:


gocco bag for wishbone charms



Personalized paper napkin projects…


Fun facts about the bride and groom (here)

Drink Coasters on paper or cork:



And of course, stationary:


Warmest Wishes!


The Gocco stopped production in 2005 because of decreased demand due to the home printer.  My husband says that the Gocco is something that he used to use as a kid (so.. 30 years ago) and that almost every household had one.  One of the most popular uses was to make new years cards that are traditionally sent out on Jan 1st every year by families.  I asked my in laws to search their house for their old one.  I will be ecstatic if they find it!  Although the Gocco isn’t being produced anymore (you can find it on ebay), I found a similar machine still in production called the T-shirt Kun that hasn’t seemed to reach the same cult status just yet.  Check out more Gocco projects at Flickr.


7 thoughts on “Gocco: DIY Silk Screened Prints

  1. oh i obsessed over this during our wedding! but decided against it if finding the ink was going to be a pain!!

    hope your in laws find it! it would be sooooo fun! :)

    • i know!! i think the ink should be easier to find here since they’re from here and there are some newer machines that use the same technique & ink! ohhhh i really hope they find it!!!!

  2. would love to have one..But I doubt it’ll ever be a reasonable equipment to have here sadly…but thanks for sharing those amazing photos..It fueled my day dreaming for a little while. Lol

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