If you don’t want all of the Costco hassle..

If you don’t want to lug yourself and your luggages to Costco, there are luckily some other options.  Yoyo Market is an online shop in English that sells products from Costco. Their selection is less than going to the store yourself, but it saves you the trip and it’s much more convenient.  They will also pick up IKEA goods and ship it to you directly.

Another online store that sells American products is The Flying Pig.  Their selection is a little bit different from Yoyo Market, and their website isn’t as sophisticated, but it’s an expat staple in Tokyo!


3 thoughts on “If you don’t want all of the Costco hassle..

  1. Hi! I just moved to Tokyo this week, so haven’t made the trek to Costco yet–how do the prices at Yoyo Market and The Flying Pig compare to what you see in-store at Costco? Trying to figure out if it’s worth trying to make the trip :)

    • Hi Beth! I’m so sorry for my late reply – I’ve been spending time back home. Yoyo Market is definitely more convenient than lugging yourself all the way to Costco in Japan, but you’ll pay for the convenience. The prices are a maybe… 15% mark up plus shipping fee. If you buy more than 30,000 (I think that’s correct), then shipping is free. As for selection, they have most of the basic stuff except for alcohol and seasonal supplies, but you aren’t able to choose your own meats and fruits. The ones I’ve gotten have been alright, but sometimes it’s nice to see if the produce look fresh in the store before buying. Customer service is great at Yoyo (I’ve never tried Flying Pig) if you ever have any questions. If you have a car and don’t mind to fight the crowds, I would suggest making your way to Costco at least once to check it out :)

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