Golden Week Travel – JAL & ANA Discount Tickets Released


In Japan, the longest holiday is called Golden Week, which takes place at the end of April and early May.  It’s three national holidays that fall on consecutive long weekends, which creates almost an entire week of vacation.  There are two work days in the middle of the week, but people typically take these days off.  Some companies make these two days corporate holidays.  Golden Week is the unofficial start of summer, and people travel within and outside of Japan to enjoy the holiday.

– Flowers in bloom in Saitama (here) –

– Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi –

Since everyone in Japan takes vacation at the same time during this week, every travel option is almost double the cost as usual.  Sometimes smaller restaurants in Tokyo close  during Golden Week as the city is much quieter than normal.

– It’s the season for glowing firefly squid in Toyama (here) –

– It’s also the perfect time to hike the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route surrounded by walls of snow –

For those planning to get away for Golden Week, JAL and ANA just released their discount economy ticket rates.  Hurry and buy them before they get even more expensive!


2 thoughts on “Golden Week Travel – JAL & ANA Discount Tickets Released

    • I really want to check out Tochigi too. We were thinking about doing the Tateyama hike, but it’s quite long and cold although I’m sure it’s amazing. Maybe more up you guys’ alley? You being mountain climbers and all… :P

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