Angelina’s Mont Blanc

I was never a huge fan of mont blanc – the marron was either too dry or the creme overpowered the marron.  Awhile ago, my sister in law suggested that I try Angelina where “they have the best mont blanc.”  So on I went to search for Angelina.

The first time I walked into their almost plain (and a little bit bland-looking) shop near Yokohama, my first thought was, “they better be the best at 473 yen a piece!!”  And my second thought was, “oh my!  they’re almost sold out!”  Being in Tokyo, it wasn’t my first exposure to extremely indulgent cakes so I went ahead and bought the last few cakes they had left… and there began my love with mont blanc.

Angelina’s mont blanc packs a strong marron punch.  Almost half of the decadent cake is a very moist and mildly-sweetened marron.  The other part is an amazingly creamy and light sugarless cream.  The bottom is lined with one of the best meringue I’ve ever tasted, and it adds such a great texture contrast to the dessert.

Late last year, they set up a small temporary shop in Shibuya and featured a mont blanc using sweet potato.  That was equally mouth watering and even more eye catching (the “marron” part was purple – it didn’t survive long enough for a photo).  Now a days, I run around the city looking for the chance to get my hands on one of these 400yen cakes.  Maybe I’ll just have to “run” to Paris!


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