Birthday Resolutions

It sometimes stinks to have my birthday following all of the big holidays.  I’m always pooped from feeling so thankful, giving, creative, and resolved that I’m too tired to get excited about a birthday.  On the plus side, the gravity of getting one more year older and less the wiser doesn’t hit as hard.  And I have two reasons – a new 2012 and a birthday – to really put my “new year” resolutions into full gear.

This year, I will:

  • Get back on track with wedding planning
  • Keep an open mind to new adventures and friends
  • Get my body back into surfing shape (goes hand-in-hand with wedding planning)
  • Take initiative to jump start my career

I like staying behind the scenes so I’ll probably host a little cocktail party at my place later this month or early next month.  I’m already working on the menu and decor ideas so I can’t wait to share them with you!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Resolutions

  1. Sweet! My birthday is in 11 days! I’ve stopped counting and is always more stressed about satisfying my daughter and her wishes for her b-days. She’ll be 4 on February 10th and wants to have a “princess bowling party” hahaha

    • Oh wow!! Happy almost birthday :) It’s so cute that your birthday and your daughters’ birthdays are so close to each other! Will you be celebrating with a dual – “princess bowling party”? haha That’s such an adorable idea for a girls’ party! It sounds really fun to plan!

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