Furuya Koganean: Beautiful Daifuku

Quickly breezing through the depachika, I literally did a “rewind” when I passed these gorgeous daifuku from Furuya Koganean.  How could I resist??  And then the second problem… how could I choose??  I finally decided on three daifuku and one cake.

Taro Daifuku: Bean paste wrapped in marron and taro, dusted with a taro powder

Persimmon Daifuku: Persimmon mixed with soft mochi dough

Yuzu Daifuku: Bean paste center wrapped in yuzu soft mochi dough and coconut

Sweet Potato Cake with Adzuki Beans

The adorable display that attracted me! Each daifuku was around 200 yen each.

Their website is filled with pretty and delicate goodies.  If you want a perfect pairing, enjoy these cute daifuku and cakes accompanied by tea.  Being established in 1936, they’ve had some time to get it right!


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