Busting Myths about Japan: Sushi

“Do you eat sushi every day??”

Whenever I visit home, I field this question at least once.  I don’t blame them though.  It wasn’t until I moved to Japan that I discovered all the different Japanese food options.  Somehow, sushi is the one option that has really become popular and common in the States (although I’m still surprised how many of my coworkers and friends wouldn’t eat raw fish or only stick with the basics: salmon, cooked shrimp, and California rolls).

So here’s the 411.  Most Japanese don’t eat sushi everyday.  In fact, most don’t eat sushi that often.  Think of it like a steak in the States.  Some people eat it all the time while for most, it’s a “sometime food”.  You can eat it at home, but the really good and sophisticated ones are usually eaten at restaurants.  More commonly at home, sashimi is added to salad, rice bowls, or as an appetizer or side (kind of like adding flank steak to your salad or pasta).

“Sushi is so expensive.”

There are definitely many expensive sushi restaurants in Tokyo, but there are also many reasonably-priced ones!  When we’re feeling casual, we head to kaiten sushi (rotating sushi).  I like the one in Tokyo Midtown called Hakodate Marukatsu Suisan.  Their selection is always fresh and they remove sushi that stays on the conveyor belt for too long.  For two people, our bill is usually about 4,000 yen including beer.  Also, Midori Sushi in Shibuya’s Mark City has high quality sushi for very reasonable prices.  There is always a long line, but it’s worth the wait!  A little bit more expensive, but still on the reasonable end is the Tsukiji-Sushiko chain, which features fish that are in season but also includes all of the tried and true staples.



6 thoughts on “Busting Myths about Japan: Sushi

  1. mmmmmm….I do think I could eat sushi everyday though..my favorite is the onion salmon! ( I know, I’m boring Lol) We found a really good little such joint in San Clemente last summer. They had some really interesting twists to their flavors, the pieces were super small though and expensive. Not a place to go if you’re starving, cuz you’ll be broke after Lol.

    You would DIE if you saw what sushi is like in Sweden. Horrible! It’s all assorted plates. Shrimp, Caliroll and salmon. That’s all there is…so sad!

  2. I could eat sushi everyday too! I love it – and it’s so fresh here.. even the ones that you get at the grocery stores! Oooo I imagine the sushi in Sweden must have been similar to how it used to be in Atlanta back in the day. It’s since improved though! Is sushi not popular in Sweden?

  3. You know, I never ask anyone if they eat sushi because I’m slightly scared to try it myself lol. But I absolutely loved learning that sushi is equivalent to a steak house here.. which consequently I don’t go to often either lol. Amazing post

    • Hahaha Ohh you should put your toes in the wasabi! Maybe start with the not-so-scary basics like salmon, cooked shrimp, and california rolls. Then you can slowly migrate to the more adventurous stuff! :)

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