Celebrating New Years with the Family

Like every year since moving to Japan, I rang in the New Years at my in laws’ house in the mountains near Nagano.  It was filled with yummy food (including lots of wine, sake, and homemade desserts), fun chit chats, and falling snow on New Years Day.  I always look forward to these family get togethers because it’s synonymous with good Japanese food and the opportunity to learn new recipes!!

Freshly fallen snow

We roasted marshmallows and made s’mores over the fire!

Since September, I’ve been looking forward to the traditional New Years meals – crab, marinated fish roe, and a special type of grilled fish.  Unfortunately, my in laws were too busy this year.  It was the first New Years holiday my husband can remember without the traditional spread so we were a bit disappointed, but the food was still amazing!

Oden Dinner

A close up:  my favorites are daikon and edamame and mochi wrapped in soy bean skin.

Traditional new years sides: fish cakes, chestnuts, sweet beans, and tamago-yaki

Sashimi dish

Scallop carpaccio

Chicken soup with yuzu, spinach, fish cakes, and mochi

Ready to eat

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the mochi variations I learned using sesame paste and peanut powder.  I’ll try to make this at home and post a tutorial.  For next year’s celebration, I offered up my services to cook American and Chinese meals.  I have one year to test recipes – it should be perfect by then!


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