Reflecting on an eventful year…


Giving thanks is typically a Thanksgiving tradition, but since I was too busy cooking and enjoying the holiday, I thought I’d reflect on my year now.  This year, I’m grateful for:

1. My husband.  Our first year of marriage has been eventful and exciting.  I’ve learned to depend on him a lot since moving to Japan, and he graciously helps me with all the little things I never thought I would need help with.

2. My family. My brother, who always chased me around the house and hit me numerous times as a kid, has turned into one of the most caring and thoughtful people I know.  This was the first year that we started saying “I love you” to each other (my family tends to shy away from tender moments!).    I love my parents like no other, and my in laws have been awesome!!

3. My new friend Zhing at little projects in style. My first 6 months in Japan, I was home sick and missed my friends and family back home and being able to communicate with people.  It was really hard for me to adjust, and I was losing myself.  The first time I met Zhing, I thought, “Wow. this girl has a lot of energy and smiles a LOT!” She takes everything by storm and has such a positive and happy outlook on life.  Although we didn’t become close right off the bat, she has become one of my closest friends and changed my life in Japan tremendously. She has helped me break out of my home sickness and is my partner in crime (crime = desserts, party planning, exploring, and general Tokyo life!).  I’ve even fully introduced her to my pet stuffed walruses, and she’s embraced them so much that she’s even pushing them to be better walruses!  It also doesn’t hurt that her husband is just as awesomely fun and hilarious and gets along with my hubby well too!  (Her husband is the uber-professional photographer whose pictures I often post!)

4. My friends back home.  I miss all of my friends back at home dearly, and I love that we try so hard to make Skype appointments to catch up with each other!  And there’s no better feeling than visiting home and feeling like our friendship is right where we left it.

5.  Last, but definitely not least, I am so grateful that everyone around me has stayed safe and healthy.  Especially with the earthquake scare in March, we’ve been fortunate that we weren’t greatly affected.  Now I just hope that we can stay away from affected foods so we can keep our good health for a long time! (Gosh that sounds old.. haha)

Happy New Years Eve!!!


2 thoughts on “Reflecting on an eventful year…

  1. Oh, did you move here a year ago? I miss my family and friends too…especially to be able to pop over to my parents when ever I feel like it..

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