My New Love: Redbox DVD Rentals

Moving from LA to Japan was a big entertainment-culture shock.  There’s no Netflix DVDs or streaming, Hulu, Amazon, network TV online streaming, or On Demand.  A lot of US movies are released to Tsutaya wayyy after they show up on iTunes or Netflix.  Sometimes they aren’t even released.  (Ok enough ranting!)

Now, I can add one more heartbreak to the list – Redbox.  Isn’t it amazing?!?!  They have a pretty big library of movies and games, all accessible through an easy-to-use and convenient kiosk located next to my grocery store around the corner.  You can rent and return at different locations (of which there are a ton), and it’s only $1.20 per movie per night!  There’s also a ton of free coupons (here).  It’s giving me a run for my Netflix account.  If only there was something like this in Japan!


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