Little Surprises

I’m off to the States to visit my family!  Since my hubby will be holding fort in Tokyo, I left little surprises around the house so he won’t feel as lonely like a freezer full of prepared homemade & co-op meals (including Yoshinoya frozen beef bowls, ramen, and matcha cakes)…Little notes of things I usually say during the day (apologies – I’m not an artist!)…

All of his shirts washed and ironed…A few omiyage…

But the best thing I left behind has to be the electric blanket we just bought!


6 thoughts on “Little Surprises

    • Thank you! I’m so out of practice from writing things by hand! I’m always surprised by what my hard writing looks like when I do actually pick up a pen. Haha

    • I got them from co-op!! They freeze pack the beef bowl toppings – you just defrost it and put it in rice for almost-instant yoshinoya at home! I can get it for u next time I order if it sounds intriguing :)

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