Christmas Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

I’m deep into my Christmas shopping (yes! I’m early this year!) since I’ll be bringing a few suitcases full of gifts back to Tokyo.  Here are some gems I’ve found (without giving away any spoilers) that won’t break the bank for the…

Host: Brooklyn Cheese Slate Board w/Chalk ($29.95)Baker: Cake Pops Kit by Bakerella ($13.57)

Cook: Tartuflanghe Black Truffle Salt ($20)

World Traveler: “Where I’ve Been” Scratch-Off Map ($25)

Your Sweetie: Sarabeth’s Hot Chocolate Parisienne Tin ($17) or…

Photographer: Wide Instant Camera ($80) or…

…a Super Cool Super Secret Spy Lens ($50)

Hard Worker: Like & Dislike Stamps ($16)

Girl on the Go: Marshmallows for Toasting Lip Shine ($10) or…“Boom Boom Pow” Gold Glitter Nail Polish ($20)How cute are all these?!  My suitcases are going to be heaaaavvvvvvyy.  Better pick up my weights to prepare!


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