Warming Bath Salts

Do you ever jump into the bath and dread getting out for fear of the shock of cold air that’s waiting to greet you?  This is me every winter day since I left LA!  It takes me 10 minutes to drag myself out of my warm bed and another few minutes to get out of the bath (or at least until I get prune-y).  To make this daily ritual a little less time consuming, I found these great bath salts that promise to relax your muscles and warm your body. 

I was skeptical because other than smell nice, the bath salts I’ve tried in the past have never fulfilled their promises.  After bathing for 10 minutes with these new bath salts (which mysteriously lent a green tint to my bath water), I hesitantly stepped out of the bath and quickly dried off my body.  I didn’t get a chill yet, but it could be because my body temperature was still tempered.  After my pre-sleeping rituals, I slipped into bed 30 minutes later.. I was still warm!  This warmth lasted until I slid into bed and fell asleep over 2 hours later.  Now, if I can only find a solution for the early morning chills!


2 thoughts on “Warming Bath Salts

  1. Ohh I gotta go get some! I’m always freezing! I used to get the green one for my hubby to soak in after practice, but I think I’m gonna have to pick some more up!

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