Your Choice: Marron Tart & Belgium Chocolate Cake Review

Last week, you voted for your favorite dessert from my Co-Op catalog.  I’m happy to announce that there was a tie, which means I had an excuse to order two desserts instead of just one!  The Marron Tart and Belgium Chocolate Cake arrived on Wednesday, and the reviews are mixed.

– Both of the desserts arrived frozen and boxed for travel –

The Belgium Chocolate Cake had 3 layers: 1) fluffy chocolate cake, which was still dense enough to match the creaminess of the next two layers 2) sweet and creamy chocolate mousse with a strong milk chocolate flavor 3) a layer of pure semi-sweet chocolate!

I was so surprised.  Despite being frozen, this is one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever had.  Perfectly sweet chocolate decadence with a great mixture of textures – fluffy, smooth, and creamy.  Now for the Marron Tart…

The Marron Tart was filled with a milky, mildly sweet white cream and topped with a decent amount of pureed marron paste and some powdered sugar.

The tart filling wasn’t very sweet and tasted very natural, which highlighted the flavor of the marron, which was a little bit dry (probably because it was frozen).  The marron tart would pair well with afternoon tea whereas I would serve the chocolate cake after a flavorful dinner.  My husband liked both desserts equally, but I definitely preferred the chocolate cake.  Thanks to you all for your votes!


5 thoughts on “Your Choice: Marron Tart & Belgium Chocolate Cake Review

    • LOL! That cake was devoured soo quickly.. even I’m drooling over those pictures again! I can’t wait to order it again. Thanks for stopping by, Kay – I love your blog :)

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