Yojiya Oil Blotting Paper

Aside from the international Japanese makeup brands like Shu Uemura and Shiseido, there are many other brands that haven’t crossed the seas yet but have a cult following in Japan.  One of these brands is Yojiya.

Yojiya started in Kyoto (the nation’s old capital) in 1904 and are famous for their oil blotting paper.  I use it almost daily and have bought tons of it for my friends and family back home.  It costs 1700 yen (~ $21) for 5 books, and each book has 20 pieces of oil blotting paper in them.  I haven’t tried their other products, but their skin care and makeup products are advertised mild and organic without additives.

– Modern products with Japanese-influenced packaging –

– (From top left) Moisturizing soap, body lotions, beauty supplement, cheek and powder brushes, eyeliner and lip brushes, face brushes –

Aren’t their brushes divine?? I am always drawn to them when I’m in the store but haven’t been able to push myself to splurge on them.  The brushes range from about $15 – 85 each.  Their stores are mostly in Kyoto, but if you’re in Tokyo, you can find their products at Narita and Haneda Airports.  They also have an online shop in Japanese, but I believe they only ship within Japan.  Happy shopping!


2 thoughts on “Yojiya Oil Blotting Paper

  1. i love this stuff! i bought a ten pack at the airport! sooooo useful for muggy hong kong summer weather and when i’m using the wrong type of foundation

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