Doggie Birthday Party!

I celebrated Thanksgiving a little bit early this year – my ‘test run‘ turned into the real thing.  Besides turkey and gravy, Thanksgiving is about surrounding yourself with people you love so I figured I’d accomplish that by hosting a party for my friend’s adorable dog, Musashi’s 7th birthday!  For the party, I prepared a hot dog (get it?) and french fry bar, mac and cheese (a repeat request from Thanksgiving dinner), frosted sugar cookie ‘dog treats’, pumpkin cupcakes, and of course – a doggie birthday cake for Musashi.

I was too busy with the cooking, baking, and eating to take pictures.  I didn’t even get a photo of the birthday boy (yes.. photo fail).  Luckily my friends Zhing and Daniel at little projects in style took plenty!  I’ll post some of their awesome photos later.  In the meantime, here’s some of my very rushed pics!

– Edited Royal Wedding printables for labels –

And here are some of my favorite details of the night…

– (From top left) Frosted Sugar “Dog Treats”, Paw Print Pumpkin Cupcakes, Jelly Bellies, Frula Sodas, Treats To Go, Chili Cheese Fries –

I missed a lot of serious pictures including the doggie birthday cake, the birthday boy, my mustache post its, the cutest garland, and Zhing’s cute felt party hats.  I’ll post these when I get them from Zhing and her awesome photographer hubby!  See how I got my inspiration here.


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