Sweet Spot Dreaming: LeTAO

I have limited mobility today because of a bad back (yes that sounds old..) so while I can’t eat my way through the city, I can dream and shop online!  Last night, one of my weekly TV shows featured LeTAO, which is a Hokkaido-based company specializing in cakes, cookies, chocolates, and puddings.  Hokkaido is famous for their quality milk and eggs, which in turn creates tasty and high-quality cakes! (Side note: they say that quality milk is the reason for Hokkaido women’s larger-than-normal breasts. I now only drink Hokkaido milk.)

LeTAO’s claim to fame is their double cheesecake.  It’s layer of raw cheesecake on top of a layer of baked cheesecake.  They sell 10,000 of these a DAY!

I happened to come across this cheesecake a few months ago while searching for a dessert for another small dinner I hosted.  It was both creamy (raw layer) and a bit cakey (cooked layer) without being too sweet.  Some cheesecakes have a strong cream cheese flavor, but this tasted like creamy milk.  The layers blended together perfectly.  Mmmm!!

– Double Chocolate Cheesecake –

– Chocolate & Mascapone Cheese Pudding –

– Freeze-dried strawberries covered in milk chocolate and strawberry powder –

Last week, I wandered around the store where I first found LaTAO’s double cheesecake.  I couldn’t find it again!  That’s the problem with seasonality and specialty items in Japan – after you hit a gold mine, they sometimes disappear without notice.  Luckily for me (and you), we can order LeTAO online.  Nothing cures a sore back like cheesecake!


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