Simple Mochi Recipe: Yakimochi

Last week, I featured packaged mochi from the supermarket.  I want to share with you a simple and quick recipe using this mochi, soy sauce, and nori!  Nori (pronounced: noh-rlee) is Japanese for seaweed.  Aside from the typical nori used for sushi and hand rolls in the US, I never knew there were so many types of nori … but that’s for another day :)

I learned this recipe from (…get ready for it…) my husband!  We typically eat this for breakfast or as a snack.  Interesting tidbit: this snack is called yakimochi, which is also synonymous for jealousy in Japanese.  Like mochi, jealous people ‘puff up’ when they’re heated!

Prep Time: 0 min (<- awesome, right??)
Cooking Time: ~10 minutes
Servings: 1

Materials Needed:
– 1 packaged mochi ‘block’
– a strip of nori
– soy sauce to taste (~2tbsp)

1. Grill the mochi for approx 10 minutes, until the mochi puffs up.
2. Pour soy sauce on the mochi. If you’re unsure about how much flavor to use, you could also use the soy sauce as a dipping sauce instead.
3. Wrap the mochi in nori. Eat!

Other optional toppings & sides: hot sauce, tsukemono (Japanese pickles), rice vinegar, or miso soup! Hmm.. am I sensing a fun mochi bar idea?


5 thoughts on “Simple Mochi Recipe: Yakimochi

  1. that’s my favorite type of mochi!! how do you make it toast so nicely? mine is always goopy and explodes in all direction!!

    • oh really? how are you cooking it? i use my multi-function grill/oven/microwave and check on it until it’s perfectly puffed! i think the heat isn’t that high maybe?

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