Tsukemono: Japanese Pickles

Tsukemono (pronounced: tsoo-kay-moh-noh) are hard to miss when you’re in Japan.  Tsukemono basically means “pickled thing” so this can include radish, cucumber, napa cabbage, ginger, plum, turnip, and a type of onion called rakkyozuke.  It is often a side dish and eaten with rice.  I love the colors of Japanese pickles, and together with grilled fish, there’s nothing better!


8 thoughts on “Tsukemono: Japanese Pickles

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    • Ooo can you find them in France? thanks for visiting my blog! i’ve pinned a few photos from yours already!

    • Ooo I wasn’t aware that there were so many pickles either until I came to Japan! If you try them, let me know it you like them :)

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