Let’s Shop for Next Week’s Dessert!

When I first moved to Tokyo, one of the things I missed the most was having a car to transport groceries.  In LA, I would make a weekly (or bi-weekly) run to stock up on a trunk-full of stuff!  Tokyo solution: grocery delivery service.  In addition to many of the supermarkets offering delivery service, there are a few delivery-only services in Tokyo that range from your average grocery store items (think Japanese Kroger) to specialty organic food (think Japanese Whole Foods).  Every week, they send me a catalog full of goodies.

In addition to the usual miso and fish cake cars, seasonal items are always a highlight.  Since it’s cold now, nabe (pronounced: nah-bae), Japanese hot pot, is all the rage!

There are always too many cakes, pies, and cookies to choose from so I’d like to ask for your help!!  Out of these three options, which would you choose?  On Wednesday, I’ll order the most popular one, and feature it in a post next week!

– Mont Blanc Tart –

– Almond Ball –– Belgium Chocolate Cake –


4 thoughts on “Let’s Shop for Next Week’s Dessert!

    • There isn’t delivery in hk?! That amazes me! I guess everyone has a maid to help them?! Haha

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