Sweet Spot: Fujiya Ginza

If you’re a fan of Milky Candy, Fujiya’s store in Ginza is a must.  Since 1923, it’s been filled with all sorts of candies, cookies, and cakes that will make you smile!  If you haven’t had Milky Candy before, it’s a milk-flavored candy with a caramel-like texture.  It originated in Japan, but I have found it in Asian supermarkets across the US.  To make sure you have the authentic brand, look for Pekochan – their cute mascot with red ribbons tying back her pigtails.

– The store front of Fujiya, featuring Pekochan at the doorway –

– All sorts of candy and cookie omiyage line the walls –

– How can you NOT smile at this packaging?! –

– I want to bring one of these roll cakes to a kids’ birthday party! –

– Not in the mood for roll cake? There’s much more to choose from… –

– … including these freshly-baked chocolate and strawberry eclairs! –

I picked up a few boxes of Milky Candy for omiyage and for myself! The tin is so cute and colorful.. imagine the possibilities after the candy is long gone.

Even though these are made with sugary goodness, I always feel like these are healthy since they taste like milk.  At least that’s what I tell myself when I can’t stop popping them.  Now.. what to do with the box…


15 thoughts on “Sweet Spot: Fujiya Ginza

  1. so pretty!! :) i never knew she had a store! i thought they were supermarket pre-packaged candy!

    p.s. i NEED to take you to 100% meiji chocolate! next week?

    • Apparently, there is a full-on cafe in Ginza too featuring all of their cakes! Yes Meiji chocolate whenever!

      • I lived in Kisarazu-Chiba in 2005 for 5 months only. In last april I went to Japan to spend my vacation and stayed for a whole month. I visited Tokyo, Osaka, Hakata and Kumamoto. I really love Japan!

      • Oh wow! I’ve lived here for almost 2 years now, but it sounds like you’ve traveled around Japan more than I have! I’ll have to get some advice from you :)

      • I was able to travel around Japan because I was on vacation! Because when I lived there I visited only Tokyo ;)

        I am posting some photos of my trip in my blog. But certainly you know Japan much better than I !

      • Hahaha I’m just a girl that likes to eat a lot and take (mediocre) photos! If you were in Japan, we’d be great eating buddies!

      • Hahaha…no problem about the photos…but we’d be great eating buddies! Maybe in the next time I visit Japan!

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