In the Oven: Apple Pie a la Mode

In the States, my family always buys our pies from the supermarket for Thanksgiving, but pies aren’t as easy to find here in Japan so when I came across an amazing apple pie recipe at Brown Eyed Baker, I had to try it!  It was my first time baking a pie from scratch, and although it didn’t turn out perfectly, it was mouth watering.. and that’s the point, right? :)

– Gotta practice to make a prettier dough –

Making dough wasn’t that bad!  I always bought the Betty Crocker Pie Crust in a box, but it’s 800 yen (about $9) here so I figured I’d try a fun, cost-saving experiment.

Making the filling was the BEST (well, second to tasting the finished product).  It filled my house with the smell of apples and cinnamon!! I wanted to gobble it up.

– Ready for the oven –

The pie flattened out despite the apple-domed center, and I think the apples were too juicy, which didn’t allow the bottom dough to harden well. Still, the pie tasted scrumptious, and there’s nothing like vanilla ice cream to correct every error!

For the filling, check out Brown Eyed Baker’s Classic Apple Pie.  I didn’t have vegetable shortening so I followed her How to Make a Perfect Pie Crust recipe for the dough.  Let me know how it goes!


5 thoughts on “In the Oven: Apple Pie a la Mode

    • Thanks :) It’s really not that hard – let me know if you try it! I love your blog too btw – DIY projects are my favorite & you’re so creative!

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