“Thankful for Birthdays” Dinner Party

It’s mid-November!  Are you hustling to get your Thanksgiving menus prepared?  Most Japanese people are not knowledgeable of Thanksgiving culture or customs since it’s a very American holiday (remember the pilgrims and Native Americans?).  For me, it’s the start of the holiday season, and I am a big believer in the camaraderie and food that goes along with it!

– Easy “Give Thanks” banner made with materials around my house –

This past weekend, I wanted to test out some new recipes before the official Thanksgiving dinner, and it happened to coincide with our friend’s birthday so we made it into a dual celebration!  All of the pretty decor and styling courtesy of Little Projects in Style. See more amazing pictures of the night on her blog!  I give you our “Thankful for Birthdays” Dinner Party menu:

Truffle Mac & Cheese: adapted from Ina Garten
Sausage, Apple, & Cranberry Stuffing: adapted from Stacy M. Polcyn
Roasted Brussels Sprouts: adapted from Ina Garten
Lawry’s Inspired Creamed Corn: adapted from Lawry’s The Prime Rib
Rosemary, Lemon & Garlic Roasted Cornish Hens: adapted from Moonandback
Apple Pie a la Mode: adapted from Brown Eyed Baker
Strawberry Shortcake: purchased from Takano in Shinjuku

– Menu template courtesy of Martha Stewart

– I love the colors of this stuffing before it’s mixed and cooked –

– Cornish Hens (Photograph courtesy of Little Projects in Style) –

– Our finished dinner table (Photograph courtesy of Little Projects in Style) –

It was my first time making most of these recipes.  Everything came out well although I would have liked to cook the stuffing a little longer and the hens a little less.  Timing is really important when you’re using a Japanese oven since it’s 1/8th the size of the ovens in the US.  Only one large dish will fit in the oven at a time so make sure to prioritize the cooking of the dishes beforehand and cook as much as you can using your stove top!

For dessert, I felt very inspired by Brown Eyed Baker so I made apple pie from scratch!  More about that endeavor tomorrow :)


7 thoughts on ““Thankful for Birthdays” Dinner Party

  1. adapted or adopted? hehe everything looks so delicious. i’m so sad i missed it! never knew you were this crafty mrs. s!

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