Sweet Spot: Jonno Hottoku

Another must-have if you’re in Shin Okubo is fresh hottoku (pronounced: ho-toe-koo). My favorite place in Shin Okubo for hottoku is Jonno Hottoku.  There’s always a line, but it moves pretty quickly.  It’s definitely worth the wait!!

– Jonno Hottoku’s line of customers –

Hottoku is a pancake-like food filled with various ingredients such as anko, honey, cheese, or even kimchi!  It’s more flaky and less ‘cakey’ than a pancake.  If you buy these fresh, the surface is a bit crispy and the dough is chewy and soft.

– A hot hottoku conveniently wrapped to be eaten right away! –

– My anko hottoku.. minus two bites –

Hottoku can be found at open-air food stands on the streets of Shin Okubo, usually with one or two employees taking orders and cooking simultaneously.

– Employees cooking and serving hottoku –

At some locations, you need to buy a ‘food ticket’ from a ticket vending machine.  This makes the ordering process faster, and the employees don’t have to handle money directly.  Just like a drink vending machine, put your bills or coins into the machine, press the buttons for what you’d like, and push a lever to get your change.  Tickets will come out from the bottom (similar to where you pick up your sodas at a regular vending machine).  Give these tickets to the employee when you reach the counter & receive your yummy food!

– Jonno Hottoku’s food ticket vending machine –

– Vending machine first row: hottoku – anko (red bean), hachimitsu (honey), cheesu (cheese), kimuchicheesu (kimchi and cheese) –

Jonno Hottoku, Okubo 1-12-6 Shinjuku, 03-3232-2000, Open 11am – 4am daily.


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