Japanese Paper Tea Favors

Back in September, my husband and I had a small and simple wedding banquet in Canada. Since it was a destination wedding (we arrived the day before the banquet!) and a lot of the decor was DIY’ed on a small budget, there was a lot to put together the night before and the day of!  Luckily, I have a great family who made miracles happen.

I wanted to give Japanese tea as wedding favors so I scoured the web for ideas and came across these lovely-wrapped tins and gorgeous apothecary bottle labels.

Rubber-Stamped Tea Containers from Craftzine

Apothecary Bottle Labels from Eat Drink Chic

I wasn’t sure what kind of paper I wanted to use, but luckily, Japan is known for its amazing paper products.  I bought 2 types of wrapping paper for our two types of tea: sencha (green tea) and genmaicha (roasted brown rice tea).  I also bought some card stock to use for the labels.

Tea favors made with Japanese paper

Here is the finished product after a little bit of printing, cutting, and sticking.  Very easy and simple DIY favors with a Japanese flair.

Tea Favors on the Guest Tables

Gold Sakura Stickers to Secure the Paper

I used these for my wedding, but you could definitely make it as a cute container for any type of omiyage!  My guests were happy with these & I hope you will be too!


9 thoughts on “Japanese Paper Tea Favors

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  3. Hi Jennifer – I really like your wedding favor idea. Just wondering where did you get the tins from? They look very cute.


    • Hi Leah! I bought both in Japan. The paper is from an area called Asakusabashi, and I bought the tea from my Co-op delivery service in Tokyo. Where are you located? I may be able to help you look locally :)

  4. Hi Jennifer! :) I wrote you a loooong time ago on this post and realized I never got back to you! :( I am soo sorry! But I am now needing to make these and I think I can get the tins, but not sure about the paper. I live in Los Angeles and am fairly close to Little Tokyo, so perhaps I could find something there? Is the paper washi paper? If you have any advice for me, it would be so appreciated! It might also be easier to reach me via email too (lewinserrano@gmail.com)…but either way, I would appreciate any help/guidance you could give.
    Thank you!! :) XO!

    • Hi Leah! No problem :) The paper that I used for this was a thick printed wrapping paper, but you could definitely use washi paper to lux it up! I’m sure that you could find something similar in Little Tokyo. If not, I did a quick search for “sakura wrapping paper” and found some similar paper on Zazzle and Etsy :) Best of luck & I hope this helps!

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