Supermarket Find: I’m Drinking My Yogurt!

Meiji Yogurt Drink

There are tons of omiyage, desserts, and snacks to cover from all over Tokyo, and I hope to make a dent in that list over time.  But after my supermarket run this morning, I realized that special things are also found closer to home!

While on the go this morning, I wanted yogurt, but didn’t want the mess and trouble of using a spoon.  Did I mention that I’m lazy?  Plus, it’s considered rude to eat in public, outside of an eating establishment in Japan.  Once again, the Japanese supermarket found a solution to my problem – a yogurt drink!  Along with the milk-carton form (above), it also comes in a convenient juice-box form.  It is a little bit sweet and thick similar to whole milk.  I can’t wait to make some new concoctions with this!

In the US, there’s a supposedly-convenient GoGurt, which can turn out to be sticky, gooey, and messy.  Plus it’s for kids.  Unlike GoGurt (and Trix cereal), the Meiji yogurt drink tastes SO much better and is made for adults! No mess, no fuss, and you only need to use one hand to ‘eat’ it.


8 thoughts on “Supermarket Find: I’m Drinking My Yogurt!

  1. I love this drink! I’ve been hunting this down in Singapore but to no avail. I miss it so much, my stomach is hurting.

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