Daifuku – Mochi with More!

If you’re planning to visit Tokyo, you’re bound to come across a display of daifuku.  Daifuku (pronounced: die-foo-koo) is mochi filled with anko or fruits.  Anko (pronounced: ahn-koe) is Japanese for sweet azuki bean paste – aka red bean.  Daifuku is typically covered in a light layer of corn or potato starch to prevent them from sticking to each other as mochi is sticky stuff!

Daifuku from a vendor in Tokyu Food Show in Shibuya

Many of the vendors display their daifuku in large wooden boxes with transparent plastic covers in the department stores of Tokyo.  Although the presentation is simple, it’s very elegant and always gives me that “oh! I’m in Japan!” feeling.

Daifuku filled with anko

My favorite is ichigo daifuku, which is mochi filled with anko and a whole ripened strawberry.  Since it’s not in season now, I opted for my second seasonal favorite – daifuku with a marron center.

Daifuku with a marron center

My husband chose to go with daifuku filled with only anko.

My husband's daifuku

I always receive omiyage requests from my family in Canada for daifuku.  I’ve tried many shops, but almost all daifuku don’t use any preservatives and thus expire within 1-2 days.  This could be a good omiyage for very short-distance trips, but for traveling to the land far far away, these little suckers unfortunately won’t survive.


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